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Everything You Need to Know About Veneers

[ 0 ] June 28, 2015 |

Everything You Need To Know About VeneersDental care has come a long way. Correcting your teeth’s discoloration or any undesirable defects has never been easier, or more stress-free. Sounds pretty unreal, right? You may have heard of veneers but are unsure about the specifics – allow us to make this your formal introduction.

What Exactly Are Veneers?

To start off with, some of you may be wondering just exactly what veneers are? They are ultra-thin shells of ceramic, porcelain, or a composite resin material which are bonded to your front teeth. They are individually crafted for each tooth and are made from advanced materials that attempt to closely mimic the natural enamel of teeth.

You may have met someone with a chipped tooth who had a “cap” put on.. This is the same thing.

The Benefits of Veneers

They require very little to no anesthesia to apply, and can last for many years, making them the most ideal way to fix many issues with your teeth. They help correct discolorations, brighten teeth, and improve your smile. Veneers can also mask damage resulting from injuries or accidents, and chipped, spaced or misaligned teeth.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The procedure is fairly simple, however multiple appointments may be necessary for diagnosis and treatment planning, preparation, and bonding. The teeth are lightly buffed to allow for the added thickness. Ceramic veneers will first require a mold to be taken, and then after they have been made (can take a few weeks), the dentist will carefully bond them to your teeth, individually.

How Long Does The Procedure TakeThe benefits of are many. If you have previously been embarrassed by your teeth and as a result, find yourself covering your mouth when you laugh, and refusing to smile in pictures, veneers can instantly instill confidence and improve your overall self-esteem.

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