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Welcome to the unique repository of the Dental Association & Educational Resources Canada

The Dental Procedure Education System, or DPES, is a University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry web-based archive that uses rich media and plain language to help patients learn about dental procedures and oral health.

The Ontario Dental Association also offers a wealth of information about oral health. The ODA approved material provides rich advice on Oral Health Care. Fact sheets are the most appropriate resource to get the latest information on infection control techniques.

The Outreach Programs by Dalhousie University, Faculty of Dentistry, Halifax, are committed to supporting healthy smiles through outreach clinics. Educational programs on health care extend beyond the local communities. Various other programs as “preschool screening” ensure good oral health during the early stages of life.  The idea behind these programs is to “give back to the community”. Programs aimed at professional education work around the values of “compassion, care, knowledge and skills”. The programs get a boost with special offerings such as electronic patient database. The Oral health research community of Dalhousie University does a deep research on “discovering new treatment models” for oral health.

The community developmental programs, University of British Columbia, facilitate the service learning opportunities through Volunteer Community Clinic Program. The programs intend to promote oral health education and locate the sustainable opportunities for social betterment. Geriatric Dentistry Program provides education and research facilities for dental care. Clinical practice rotation is a common practice followed in education through Geriatric Dentistry Program.

The Smile Program Participation, Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene, aimed at providing the lives of endless possibilities to children with the help of dental surgeries. The other program, Dental Hygiene fosters practice environment for healthcare professionals. Self care education upgrades the skills to a level which are well remunerated.  The technical mastery program helps the practitioners to adopt the broad based perspectives. The programs are designed to help the professionals succeed in the field of Dental Care.

Dental Care Toronto aims at creating beautiful and bright smiles through preventive, restorative, cosmetic and infection control care procedures. The surgeons here believe that a radiant smile defines the personality.

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