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Five Ways to Convince Your Little One a Trip to the Dentist is a Good Thing

[ 0 ] August 23, 2015 |

Parents with small children have many challenges, but convincing their youngsters that something is good for them is a really tall order. In most cases, parents need all the help they can get. Let’s take eating vegetables as an example. A parent has to be pretty ingenious to convince their child Convince Your Little Oneto eat their spinach or broccoli. How do you make them believe sharing their new toys with their little sister is the right thing to do? You get the idea. For those parents that could use a little help, we have some ways to convince your little one a trip to the dentist is a good thing.

Believe It Yourself

If there is one thing children can spot, it is insincerity. Unless you set a good example they will never learn to care of their teeth. If you don’t take the time every day to care for and maintain your own oral hygiene, you can’t expect your children to value its benefits.

Brushing at least twice a day, flossing at least once, and using some mouth wash or oral rinse is the example you should set. Let your children observe you faithfully doing your own routine to set them on the right path.

• Explain why you are doing certain things. You want to have a beautiful smile and not get any cavities. You want to be able to kiss and hug them and not have any nasty smells.

• Tell them that brushing twice a day removes the invisible bacteria called plaque from your teeth.

• Show them that brushing for at least two minutes is the best practice and exactly how you clean each area of your mouth.

• Let them watch you floss your teeth and explain that this gets rid of the rest of the germs and food in between your teeth and near your gums. They may not be ready to do this yet, but it shows them how much you care about your own teeth.

• Tell your child when you are going to the dentist so they see that it is a part of your routine.

Be Positive

Always concentrate on the positive rewards of visiting the dentist. Suggest that: “You will keep your beautiful smile, your teeth will stay clean and healthy and strong, so you can eat any food you want.”

Show them how clean your teeth are after you return from a dental check-up and cleaning. Explain how keeping your teeth clean and heathy as you Find The Right Dentistgrow up takes care and attention. Be positive about any visits and never make it sound like a punishment or a negative situation.

Find the Right Dentist

The Dentists here at 700 Coxwell Ave love to see kids. Children respond to a warm and welcoming atmosphere and are less anxious when the professionals are familiar with young children. We understand a child’s fear of the unknown and are trained to make the visit as pleasurable and fun as possible.

Practice at Home

Have them brush their teeth in front of a mirror. They can pretend to brush the teeth of their stuffed animals or another toy. Find a small mirror and show them how the dentist will look inside their mouth. Let them do it to you or their toys so this becomes kind of a game where they can “play dentist.” They win the game by going to the dentist regularly and having good check-ups
Take Children to the Dentist Early and Regularly

The more frequently we do things, the easier it gets. Make a point to bring your child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth comes in so they become familiar with the staff, what happens during the visit, and they will, in turn, become less anxious. The first visit is also a great opportunity for us to share some dental care tips with Mom and Dad.How many adults are afraid of the dentist because their parents did not insist they go to the dentist when they were young children?

When you bring your young child to see our professionals at Dental Care Group, you can be sure they will be treated as if they were our very own children.

Share with us one of your own tips to convincing your little one a trip to the dentist’s office is a good thing!