Busy with family

Professional Teeth-CleaningsYou’ve got a busy, growing family. There never seems to be enough time to do everything on your list. But you want your children to have good dental health. You try to serve nutritious and healthy meals. You’re teaching them about brushing and flossing and you know that regular check-ups and professional teeth-cleanings are important ways to prevent infection, catch cavities before they become emergencies and care for their beautiful smiles.

At Dental Care we create a relaxed, welcoming environment that can put you and your children at ease. Every detail and consideration has been thought through to make “going to the Dentist” a much better experience than you may have imagined. We try to make it fun, too! Our dentists and staff work hard to make it easy for you to visit us regularily.

With more than 25 years experience caring for families at 700 Coxwell, we’re delighted to be known as a place where kids and parents consider us their friends.

Teeth Brightening