North Seattle Weed

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North Seattle Weed

Top 3 Qualities For Evaluating North Seattle Weed

There are a lot of factors that come into play to make you enjoy your North Seattle weed. Whether or not you are a first-time smoker, tendencies are you will encounter low quality weed. So, brace yourself to discover how you can avoid this experience.

It is impossible for you to smoke test a rolled joint in a licensed dispensary. The best you can do is; use visual methods to inspect the buds. With this, you can understand the quality and settings in which the weed was grown. The visual inspection method will help you get the best quality of weed. In fact, if you can do this with no mistakes, you will always have the best quality weed to smoke or use. Here are a few ways to evaluate the qualities of a good weed.

Qualities to evaluate in a good weed

1) Note the smell of the weed

Weed grown in the best of conditions especially organic conditions has a pungent smell. Such weed has a smell that you can identify with ease. So, if you perceive weeds with such a smell, it is an indication of a high content of terpene. North Seattle weed with such pungent and easy to identify smell are good quality. On the other hand, a low-quality weed will have no smell. Chances are such weed will smell similar to hay when perceived. So, if you want weed of good quality, buy the ones with pungent and easy to identify its smell. Do not buy weed with a smell similar to hay or one that has no smell.

2) Notice the Trichomes

High-quality weed grown under healthy conditions have well-packed buds with ripened Trichomes. Using your ordinary eyes, you can distinguish with ease the density of trichomes on weed. This implies that you can identify how frosty the bud is. Weed of good quality is covered trichomes whose glitters are like crystals. This is something you can never find in a bad quality North Seattle weed. So, it is in your best interest to avoid weed whose buds are not frosty. Go for weed with buds that are frosty and have ripened trichomes.

3) Note the color of the weed

The color of the bud of any good quality North Seattle weed is green. Although the shade differs from somewhat light green to dark green, it is usually green. In using weed color to find out its quality, find out if it looks like it was grown under good conditions. Good quality weed will have insinuations of purple or blue color on its bud. Alternatively, a bad quality weed will have a mix of red or yellow colors on its bud. Buds with bleached white color indicate the plant was grown under unfavorable conditions. This shows light burn due to a high intensity of light during its growth. So, it is best to avoid weed whose bud have a mix of the color red and yellow. For good quality, go for green colored weed.


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