Root Canals Secaucus

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Root Canals Secaucus

Nobody likes to hear that they need a root canal. Yet, sometimes a root canal is the best way to resolve a serious dental problem with one of your teeth. Root canals in Secaucus don’t need to be stressful or painful. In fact, you can get through a root canal very easily and painlessly with help from an experienced dentist. The first step in a root canal is diagnosis. The dentist will examine your tooth and take x-rays.

What is A Root Canal?

A root canal, also known as root canal therapy, is a procedure that the dentist uses to remove the root of a tooth that is badly decayed. This therapy is necessary when a cavity is deep and reaches the root of the tooth.

Root canals in Secaucus are simply cavities that require a bit more work. The dentist will drill into the tooth and remove the root. Then the area is washed out in case there is any infection. The area is sealed temporarily. Then, a post will be placed into the tooth in place of the root and the tooth can be repaired.

A crown will be necessary to close the top of the tooth. The dentist will take an impression in order to get a crown made precisely to your measurements. Crowns are usually made of a hard type of material that will look just like your regular teeth. The crown is permanently attached to the tooth and no further work will be necessary.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Certainly not all cavities require root canals in Secaucus. You may have some pain in and around the affected tooth. In some cases, there may be swelling, which might be an indication of infection. If you have a toothache or swelling, do not hesitate to go to the dentist. The longer you wait the worse the situation will become.

In many cases, simply removing the root, cleaning the area and applying medications to the inside of the tooth will quickly halt any infection that has occurred. Sometimes you might need to take antibiotics to help your body fight the infection. Your dentist will determine whether this is necessary and if so, will prescribe them.

The dentist will determine when a cavity requires root canals in Secaucus. The procedure will be painless and the immediate work of removing the root will usually stop any pain from recurring. The process of getting root canals in Secaucus usually takes a couple of visits to the dentist. The procedure itself doesn’t take long and is similar to having a cavity filled.

When you need a root canal, do not despair. Getting the procedure done will stop the pain that you have been suffering and will quickly get you on the road to recovery. Soon your tooth will be repaired and look and act as good as new. When you have a toothache or are in need of dental work, call our experienced team at Platinum Dental Group to schedule an appointment.


Root Canals Secaucus
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