Get The Treatment You Need When You Need It With Same-Day Emergency Care

Emergency dentistry is an integral part of maintaining your oral health. A broken tooth, loose filling, or other dental situation requires immediate attention from our qualified dentist to prevent further issues. When you experience dental emergencies, the staff at Dental Care Group in Toronto is here to provide same-day emergency care.

What does same-day emergency care involve?

Our experienced dental professionals will assess your condition and provide a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your needs.

When is it necessary to seek out emergency care?

It's essential to seek emergency care if you experience severe pain, swelling, bleeding, or infection in your mouth. Any injuries to the teeth or soft tissues in the mouth require prompt treatment as soon as possible. If a dental problem is not addressed quickly, it can cause further complications and require more complex treatments later.

To ensure any oral health issues are treated in a timely manner, contact the team at Dental Care Group today. Our friendly and experienced staff can provide same-day emergency dentistry services when you need them most!


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  • Relieve pain, inflammation, and sensitivity
  • Fix broken or decayed teeth
  • Treat infections before they spread
  • Replace loosened or lost fillings
  • Extract impacted or broken teeth!

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